Almost on the eve of our departure…

This week saw the first heavy, 3 day long pouring rain for several weeks (of course, while we are trying to load the boat and finish our preparations for departure) and the tying off of many threads we have been following for months…we closed up our clinic in Oakridge, packing everything up and saying hasta […]

Hurricane Richard Passes Directly Overhead

Roatan, Honduras Wow, what a ride…a few days ago, Hurricane Richard passed almost directly over our position here on Roatan.  For several days, we watched it approach, slowing down and gathering strength as it hesitated out in the Atlantic, almost as if it were undecided about whether to move northwest, as most hurricanes do, or […]

Cayos Cochinos Mobile Clinic With Clinica Esperanza And Roatan Rotary

Cayos Cochinos, Honduras Today we voyaged to the Cayos Cochinos island group to do a mobile medical clinic among the Garifuna people living on theses scattered, isolated cays.  About 150 people, mostly children, live on the Cayos with little or no access to health care except on the mainland–and for most of the inhabitants, making […]

Hope Floats

As we near our departure, we wanted to show everyone who has supported us the faces behind Floating Doctors.  This is us, interviewed and edited by  NotThisBody, and posted to answer (in our own voices) a lot of the questions that we have been asked over the past many months.  Thank you to everyone who […]

June 28th, 2009

June 28, 2009. Palm Coast, Florida Ah, Sunday again! Not a moment too soon—we had a long, brutal week of work! Noah spent some time hanging over the side in harness touching up the port side hull; I think we made him paranoid about alligators coming up underneath him but he survived unscathed—this time! We […]