Medical Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Medical Program


Our commitment to providing ongoing care to the communities we serve sets us apart from traditional medical missions. In Panama, we maintain detailed records of our patients’ health and treatment in more than 25 remote communities. The impact of a single brigade clinic in a remote region can be very high even if they don’t return…but it is nothing compared to the impact of a permanent presence. Every week, our teams deploy and treat between 30 and 200 patients a day. We visit the communities at least every three months to ensure our chronic patients receive appropriate care and to prevent new issues from developing while we are away.

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Dental Program


It is difficult to obtain dental care for many of the patients we treat in the Bocas Archipelago. Due to remoteness and expensive treatment fees, visiting a local clinic or practitioner is nearly impossible. For most people, the dental care provided by Floating Doctors is their only chance to resolve their dental problems.

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Veterinary Program


Animals suffer when healthcare for people is scarce or absent. The line to see the vet can sometimes be longer than the line to see the doctor! Many of our patients keep several dogs, cats, as well as the occasional jungle animal as pets. Also, a family may depend on their horse for income, or they may invest their entire annual wealth in cows or pigs. In many of the communities we visit, animals are important resources for families.

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Immersion Program


The Floating Doctors Immersion Program is a week-long program designed for small groups who are interested in learning about the remote healthcare setting, experiencing a unique culture, and challenging themselves in ways that will transform them for life. A primary goal of the Immersion Program is encouraging global thinking, international cultural and travel competence, and a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures and environments. 

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