Ground Water 'Springs' Are Easily Contaminated

Ground Water ‘Springs’ Are Easily Contaminated

We are very happy to be able to provide acute care and one-on-one preventive health over such a large region, but the best consults are the ones where a well patient just comes to say hello and get a checkup. It’s not enough to treat our patients when they get sick—we want them never to even need our help!

A Cluster of Outhouses Raining Infection Into the Mangroves Below.

A Cluster of Outhouses Raining Infection Into the Mangroves Below. -Photo: Matt Dayka/Vitamin Angels

That means tackling systemic issues that cause the conditions we encounter. Our years of ongoing presence over such a large area and the patient database we maintain, allows us a unique perspective into the ‘health microclimates’ and the specific public health priorities that could be very different in different communities. Here are just a few real examples of some specific top priorities in communities that seem very similar at first glance:

  • Lack of clean water  –> Epidemic diarrheal disease
  • People walking on unlit paths at night –> Snakebites
  • No adequate birthing space –> More infant/maternal/birth issues
  • No library for the school –> Illiteracy
  • High sugar diet in chocolate-growing community –> Diabetes & Dental Issues
  • Remote mountain community has no access to treatment –> TB epidemic
  • Many community members work seasonally on plantations –> STDs returning to community

These issues often have complex, multifactorial causes. It’s one thing to know what needs to be done—it’s another to know HOW to do it and then successfully make it last!

Our long-term commitment has resulted in Floating Doctors being uniquely positioned to effect systemic change:

  • Our detailed health data pinpoints key issues in each community
  • We target projects at priority health issues
  • Trust of the population we serve lets us tackle ambitious projects
  • Years of experience in the region ensure practical and successful projects
Walkway Built For Wheelchair Access

Walkway Built For Wheelchair Access

Projects in developing regions almost always many partnerships, and a LOT of due diligence, follow-through and follow-up if they are to be successful.  Through our connections to so many great people and groups, and because we stand by our projects long-term (instead of coming in, doing a project and leaving), our interventions are effective and lasting. We welcome partnerships that help us achieve real change and we are very happy to help facilitate other groups’ projects that help our patients, providing guidance and logistic support for service groups that would like to implement a community development project for our patients.

If you or your organization are looking to implement a successful project, please contact us to discuss.

Sometimes by ourselves (but usually with other trusted partners), some of the projects we have tackled so far include:

  • Birthing Center: Shark Hole
  • Community Water Supply Bladder: Quebrada Sal
  • La Solucion: Walkway
  • Police/Fireman/Partera Training
  • Solar Microgrid: Valle Escondido
  • Telecommunications Access Project: Valle Escondido
  • Library Project: Playa Verde
  • Community Raincatcher Systems: Multiple Villages
  • Ethnomedicine (Botanic Medicine) Cultural Archive: Regionwide