We’re Not Washing Our Hands…

Medical Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

…of our mission, that is!

Rest assured, we’re washing hands, surfaces, and just about everything else. 😉

With the need to put a hold on all volunteers at least through April, our operations are scaled back dramatically, but we are still committed to ensuring quality care for the people in our region and all over the world.  Whether it is through delivery of medications to our chronic patients, responding to emergency calls, partnering with the Ministry of Health, or radio announcements highlighting necessary precautions during this time, we are still here bringing care to vulnerable communities.

Making sure we don’t abandon our patients while keeping our crew safe is our number one priority right now.  We have always prided ourselves on the ability to keep our expenses to a minimum. The majority of our operations are supported by volunteer contributions, including important medications for patients with hypertension, epilepsy and diabetes, as well as contraceptive medication and maintenance of our equipment to monitor pregnancies. With no volunteers at the moment, and the reduction in volunteer contributions due to uncertainty for summer and fall trips, we need the support of our individual donors now more than ever.

We’re tightening our belts and have reduced our operating and program expenses by more than half; Many staff members are diverting their pay (which was never covered by volunteer contributions) in order to keep our program afloat.  While we could close up shop completely and wait for this to pass, we feel it simply isn’t an option to abandon our posts, just as the healthcare workers where you are haven’t abandoned theirs.  

You, our supporters, helped us provide care in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake and then again during the cholera outbreak.  You enabled us to build our programs in Panama to reach thousands of people over great distances. Today, we are coming to you to keep us operational during this pandemic. Even better, please consider becoming a recurring donor, at any level, to help ensure we have predictable revenue throughout the year to provide care even when volunteers are unable to join us.

As with all crises, this too shall pass.  We will come out of this and, as long as we work together, we will emerge stronger than ever.  Until that time, we thank you for your support and being one of the (washed) hands keeping us afloat!