Our teams spend most of their time deployed in remote areas with no cell service and no one to call by radio in case of emergency. When our team is 60+ miles away from our base, in a small open boat somewhere on the other side of a vast maze of mangroves and coral-strewn ocean, we can’t afford to find out something has gone only by the time they don’t arrive back to base on schedule. It can take many hours to reach a stranded team, but in emergency situations even minutes can be critical. 99% of the time a team is late coming home simply because there were a lot of patients to see, or they had to wait out a brief rain shower, or they were engaged in an emergency medical transport, or there was some other issue that does not require a full rescue effort being sent out—but previously we had no way to know whether the team is just running ten minutes late and will be coming into view any minute now, or if they are stranded somewhere, floating in our boat with a mechanical issue and rain and nightfall coming on.

With SPOT Gen 4 units and service provided by Globalstar, all we have to do is look at this map to see exactly where our teams are. We can receive text messages from our deployed teams to check in and confirm everything is ok, to advise when they are diverting from our planned route for an emergency response or other reason not requiring a rescue, or whether there has been a mechanical issue or other emergency that needs help NOW.

Both for our teams in the field and all of us back at base, knowing that everyone may be off the edges of the map but never out of communication has been a game-changer and allows us to reach much more remote communities and help the patients who need us the most!

Globalstar Mission 

Globalstar provides affordable and reliable mobile voice and data communications when beyond cellular services. We rely on our superior satellite network and excellent team members around the world to deliver quality products, services and peace of mind.

Where we are headed

This is where our teams are today. To find out where we will be tomorrow, or next week, or next month, please check out our calendar of clinics here: