Medical Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

“Floating Doctors allowed me to challenge myself in a context very different from my own, allowed me to meet people from all over the world and to feel part of a team”.
-Dr. Sofia Preatoni, DMD

“My 3 week experience with Floating Doctors has been fantastic. I’ve been involved in not just providing medical care but also pharmacy tasks, health education lessons and admin. We’ve also had fun as a team, going swimming with the bioluminescence at our base or partying in town on a Friday night, and I’ve made some great friends along the way.”

-Kiran, 4th year medical student

I volunteered with floating doctors for 3 weeks and it was an experience of a lifetime. Not only did I get the chance to meet so many like-minded people, but it also gave me the chance to learn new skills and develop myself clinically under the supervision of a highly experienced dentist. If you are considering volunteering with an organisation, I would absolutely recommend floating doctors!

-Liam, final year dental student

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to come here and experience this type of work. I have learnt so much, for example, from the people in the communities we visit – their warmth and friendliness, their quiet dignity, their acceptance of their lives, their creativity in using their environment to make a living and support their families etc. I have also learnt from the many international people working here, doctors,nurses, students etc, all of whom bring their energy, enthusiasm and caring attitude to the work .

I have been very impressed by the consistent systematic approach used by Floating doctors in every aspect of its work, from organisation and transport of pharmacy supplies, to clinic set up and administration, provision of medical guidelines specific for the resource-limited environment (which are regularly updated), and care of the staff and volunteers, ensuring good food and adequate rest time , and also appropriate support and supervision.

I am very happy volunteering with Floating doctors and would recommend it to anyone as a life enhancing experience.”

-Dr. Anne Devitt, MD

 “As a final year medical student from the Netherlands, I have had an amazing time at Floating Doctors.

For me it was a possibility to combine past years of internships and use them in an extraordinary general practice setting. It was a chance to experience the basic medical necessities and to follow decision making under constantly changing conditions.

I was also impressed by how effective this organisation functions. Its fluent use of both short and long-term workforces of different backgrounds, combined with a friendly atmosphere, is admirable.

Thank you all for the great time!”

-Palle, 5th year medical student

I’m a 4th year medical student that joined Floating Doctors for a month as part of my elective placement. I’ve really enjoyed visiting different communities and having the opportunity to provide healthcare outside of a hospital setting. I’ve seen the importance of health education and resource management as well as understanding different health beliefs.
It was great to see the impact that Floating Doctors has had on so many peoples’ lives.
I really loved interacting with children in the communities and I’m hoping to go into paediatrics in the future.

Thank you all for the best time!✨❤️


“Our family joined Floating Doctors because it has a reputation for ethical and sustainable global health work. We loved our time working at the clinics, speaking with the patients, riding on the boats, and making new international friends! Providing compassionate and quality healthcare in communities without medical access is an excellent cause and Floating Doctors does that well. We will be back!”

-Chris Bertrand, a businessman based out of Panama City,

-Natalie Bertrand, emergency medicine resident  

-Sophie Bertrand, occupational therapy student