Almost on the eve of our departure…

This week saw the first heavy, 3 day long pouring rain for several weeks (of course, while we are trying to load the boat and finish our preparations for departure) and the tying off of many threads we have been following for months…we closed up our clinic in Oakridge, packing everything up and saying hasta […]

House Call For A Monkey Attack

As we were closing up shop after a busy clinic day in Oakridge, we got a call from the Roatan Zoo—one of the new keepers had been badly mauled by one of the monkeys while cleaning the enclosure.  Oh man…after a late night working on the computer and a CRAZY day in clinic I was […]

Hurricane Richard Passes Directly Overhead

Roatan, Honduras Wow, what a ride…a few days ago, Hurricane Richard passed almost directly over our position here on Roatan.  For several days, we watched it approach, slowing down and gathering strength as it hesitated out in the Atlantic, almost as if it were undecided about whether to move northwest, as most hurricanes do, or […]

Isla Roatan, Honduras.

“Superinfermera” Here in Honduras, as it was in Haiti, on any given day my crew are usually spread out at several locations, and when I find out later the details of what they have been doing, I am always astonished.  Today we recognize the awesomeness of the work done by nurse and instructor Sirin Petch.  […]

August 28, 2010. Isla Roatan, Honduras.

On Wings Of Angels A few days ago we did a house call from the RBC Center to a lady who was 6 weeks post stroke.  The family’s house was at the top of a 35-foot steep slope, and she had pretty complete right sided paralysis.  Her speech and cognition were affected badly; she seemed […]

August 20, 2010. Isla Roatan, Honduras.

The Million-Year Day I love the end of the day—not because our work is done, but because that’s when I finally catch up with most of my crew, who are often scattered in several locations across the island for most of the day. We return to our home on Southern Wind with stories, smiles and […]

April 13, 2010. Lake Worth Inlet, Florida

Two years after I decided to hang up my stethoscope in Ireland, leave the hospital in Dublin behind and move back to the US to organize the Floating Doctors, here we are in Lake Worth Inlet on the Southeast Coast of Florida waiting for a weather window to make the crossing the Haiti. So many […]

The Southern Wind Leaves Her Dock in Palm Coast For The Last Time…

On Friday January 22nd, we moved Southern Wind from the dock where we have been working for months in Palm Coast, 30 miles north up the Intracoastal Waterway to St. Augustine for a haul-out and two weeks of yard work at St. Augustine Marine Center before we sail for Haiti.  Haiti has always been our fist planned […]