Manteca Rotary Eye Docs Roll Up Their Sleeves At The Oakridge Clinic

Last week we had an awesome experience—in the midst of our last weeks of preparation for our mission to Haiti, we are continuing to open our Oakridge clinic.  Pretty hectic—clinic by day, boat work by afternoon and evening, and computer work late into the night…but totally worth opening the clinic not only because we had […]

Indiana Jones, Eat Your Heart Out!

Yesterday we returned from our first vacation in almost two years…the first time we have been truly out of contact (although we did have Sky’s blackberry) and doing something that was just for us. Sky, Noah, me, and Dan from ‘Satisfaction Plus’ (our neighbor and erstwhile Floating Doctors cameraman), took the ferry from Roatan to […]

The Family Doctor: Your tour guide to the health care system

Medicine in developing nations is, most people would probably agree, substantially different from medicine in developed countries.  Still, there are many aspects of the health care experience that seem to be universal, shared by ‘have’s and ‘have-nots’ alike.  For example, the prospect of surgery under general anesthesia is daunting whether you are having it at […]

Accupuncture On Tropical Islands And Self Surgery

Man, sometimes a week brings a flood of minor upper respiratory tract infections, fungus, and the usual small town clinic maladies…and some weeks, the dam opens and all kinds of situations arrive on the doorstep.  We did a lot of small surgeries, mostly taking off cysts and dealing with minor wounds, and did loads of […]

Elephantiasis On Isla Guanaja, Honduras

Last week we managed to get a weather window permitting us to visit Isla Guanaja, about 30 miles east of Roatan.  This island, which was heavily damaged by Hurricane Mitch, has only one small Centro de Salud public clinic, and only one doctor for the 10,000+ people living on the island.  We plan to visit […]

House Call For A Monkey Attack

As we were closing up shop after a busy clinic day in Oakridge, we got a call from the Roatan Zoo—one of the new keepers had been badly mauled by one of the monkeys while cleaning the enclosure.  Oh man…after a late night working on the computer and a CRAZY day in clinic I was […]

Hurricane Richard Passes Directly Overhead

Roatan, Honduras Wow, what a ride…a few days ago, Hurricane Richard passed almost directly over our position here on Roatan.  For several days, we watched it approach, slowing down and gathering strength as it hesitated out in the Atlantic, almost as if it were undecided about whether to move northwest, as most hurricanes do, or […]

Cayos Cochinos Mobile Clinic With Clinica Esperanza And Roatan Rotary

Cayos Cochinos, Honduras Today we voyaged to the Cayos Cochinos island group to do a mobile medical clinic among the Garifuna people living on theses scattered, isolated cays.  About 150 people, mostly children, live on the Cayos with little or no access to health care except on the mainland–and for most of the inhabitants, making […]

Isla Roatan, Honduras.

“Superinfermera” Here in Honduras, as it was in Haiti, on any given day my crew are usually spread out at several locations, and when I find out later the details of what they have been doing, I am always astonished.  Today we recognize the awesomeness of the work done by nurse and instructor Sirin Petch.  […]

August 28, 2010. Isla Roatan, Honduras.

On Wings Of Angels A few days ago we did a house call from the RBC Center to a lady who was 6 weeks post stroke.  The family’s house was at the top of a 35-foot steep slope, and she had pretty complete right sided paralysis.  Her speech and cognition were affected badly; she seemed […]