Remote Clinical Outposts

Medical Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

The establishment of regular clinical deployments across a vast geographical area has significantly enhanced regional health access. Despite these efforts, the intervals between our visits leave communities vulnerable to accidents and illnesses, with help often being far away. Recognizing the need for a more consistent presence, we understood the importance of making health services available not only regularly but constantly. Accidents, medical emergencies, and acute health issues do not adhere to a schedule, and we aim to bridge the gaps in care during the periods between our visits.

In response to these challenges, we have begun to establish Remote Medical Outposts in collaboration with strategically selected villages. These outposts serve as accessible points for emergency situations, allowing nearby communities to seek help promptly. Unlike the model of deploying a large medical team every few months, these outposts will host a small medical team on a weekly basis. This approach ensures ongoing access to health services and knowledge, minimizing the time between an acute event and the administration of appropriate treatment. Through this initiative, we aim not only to provide medical care but also to engage in long-term health training and education for community members, local parteras (midwives), and Community Health Workers. We believe that sustained education, combined with apprenticeship and mentoring, is fundamental to building genuine healthcare capacity within these remote villages.

Partnering with local eco-resort Casa Cayuco, we began rebuilding the Quebrada Sal outpost in 2023 and furnishing the clinic space. Opening full-time in 2025, the outposts will provide emergency care, assist chronic patients, provide education and training, and participate in the ongoing cultural exchange that occurs when you work and live alongside your target population.