What you will need to apply:

We have an online application (link below) where you can fill out your information, desired dates, emergency contact info, etc. To submit the online application, you will also need to have several documents ready: AND THEY MUST BE NAMED AND FORMATTED CORRECTLY:

Naming format for uploaded documents is: Lastname_Firstname_Document
Example: A Resume for John Smith should be named “Smith_John_Resume


Because our goal is not only providing health services locally, but also to affect health systems in the home countries of our volunteers through tropical and clinical exposure and mentoring, our volunteer selection process is very open compared to most volunteer organizations. We accept volunteers at many skill levels from bilingual veteran mission doctors to non-Spanish speaking students interested in an immersion experience. We normally have capacity throughout the year to accept people when they would like to come, although we strongly urge you to submit your application several months in advance, especially during our high season (March-July). If your dates are firm, please email us first to check if we have space before applying; [email protected]


  • (All): One COLOR copy of your passport photo page
  • (All): One copy of your resume
  • (All): Proof of COVID-19 immunization
  • (Licensed medical providers only): One copy of license
  • (Licensed medical providers only): One copy of diploma
  • (Licensed medical providers only): One background check to provide information of previous convictions or investigations relating to child protection: Police check, LiveScan, https://www.npdb.hrsa.gov check, copy of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check from country of origin
  • (Healthcare Students only): One COLOR copy of your school identification
  • (Healthcare Students only): One letter of intent outlining what you feel you would give to a program such as ours as well as what you hope to take away from the experience
  • (Healthcare Students only): Two letters of recommendation
  • (Non-medical or Undergraduate Students only): Three letters of recommendation

Common questions:

How long is a volunteer commitment?

We accept volunteers for varying lengths of time, from as short as one week to over a year.

Do I have to be able to speak Spanish?

No. It is highly desirable to speak Spanish, not only to function more effectively in our clinic, but also to deepen your experience interacting with our target population. We try to maintain at least 50% ratio of Spanish-speakers on our team of volunteers and leaders, and we may occasionally cap our volunteer numbers if there are not enough bilingual volunteers. We usually pair a non-Spanish-speaking volunteer with a translator or bilingual volunteer, or assign them to clinic roles that do not require Spanish.

Do I have to be a doctor to volunteer?

No. We accept Volunteers of almost all ages and backgrounds besides medical workers, because we believe that there is no talent or skill that cannot be expressed in a way that is of service to others.

Are there any costs involved?

Yes. We require a participation contribution from each volunteer that allows us to provide accommodations, meals, and all travel for our clinical and service deployments on site. Additionally, our volunteer contributions fund medications for our pharmacy, emergency and advanced care for patients, equipment repair and purchase, and almost all our other operational costs for maintaining a remote rural health care service providing help for over 10,000 patients annually.

There is a non-refundable $100 deposit that is required for us to process your application and confirm your volunteer stay. Please submit payment at the time of application submission.

We rarely turn down volunteer applicants and if so we will refund your deposit. Our application process is not a competitive process and is meant to coordinate applicants so we have the right distribution of specialties, training ability, and language ability on our team at a given time, so your $100 deposit is not at risk of being forfeited. If you need to change your dates, your deposit will be put toward your trip and you will not need to submit another application.

The volunteer contribution is the backbone of our operational support–in addition to covering the costs of your accommodations and meals, they put fuel in our boats, medicine in our bags, and help cover the cost of the emergency or advanced care we get for our patients. We prefer that non-volunteer donations go towards building infrastructure and capacity, and we pride ourselves on managing almost all operational costs through our volunteer program.

Our leadership work very hard to provide a safe and rewarding experience for our volunteers and high-quality health services for our patients. Our Volunteer contribution fees are quite low compared to locally available hotel and food charges; your contribution covers your accommodations, excellent meals, and all costs associated with our teams deploying to the field. As Dr. George LaBrot always says, ‘It’s the most affordable way I know to have a life-changing experience.’

Here are our current contribution rates:

  • $850 per week for one to four weeks of stay + $100 application fee ($950 total for 1 week, $1800 total for 2 weeks, $2650 total for 3 weeks, $3500 total for 4 weeks)
  • $800 per week for five to eight weeks of stay + $100 application fee ($4100 total for 5 weeks, $4900 total for 6 weeks, $5700 total for 7 weeks, $6500 total for 8 weeks)
  • $750 per week for nine to twelve weeks of stay + $100 application fee ($6850 total for 9 weeks, $7600 for 10 weeks, $8350 for 11 weeks, and $9100 for 12 weeks)
  • $700 per week for thirteen weeks or longer + $100 application fee ($9200 total for 13 weeks, $700 per week for each additional week)
  • $700 per week for returning volunteers who have worked with us in Bocas Del Toro at any point from 2011-2021 for a minimum of one week
  • $700 per week for minors (ages 16 and under) volunteering with their parent/guardian
  • $1,150 total per week for 1 week Immersion Trip (regardless of age)

Please note that full payment is not required to complete your online application; only the $100 application deposit is required at the time of signing up. Full payment, or the first month if staying longer than 1 month, will be due 4 weeks prior to your arrival. While the volunteer contribution is never forfeit, it is considered non-refundable at 4 weeks prior to arrival. Please contact Brianna at [email protected] for fundraising resources if interested.

***If you have volunteered with us before and would like to return, you may not need to submit another application. Please contact Brianna at [email protected] for special rates and to request your preferred dates.***

***If you are interested and available to work with us for over 6 months, please visit our Fellowship page to learn more and apply for available positions***

Will I actually spend most of my time doing service work, or will I see one patient and spend the rest of my time lounging around?

You will work very hard, with lots of clinical exposure and many, many opportunities to be of service. There will be ample time off at the weekends for leisure and exploring all the fun things the region has to offer, but if you are looking for somewhere you can work for one day and spend the rest of your time lying on the beach with a piña colada, and then home bragging about your medical mission trip, you are on the wrong organization’s website. If you are looking to work hard and make a real difference, you have come to the right place!

When should I apply?
Right now, of course! ☺

Licensed medical providers click here

Healthcare students click here

Non-medical volunteers click here