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In Panama and around the world, the pandemic has pushed so many people into quarantine, shut down businesses, and paused “non-essential” services. As a result, many people in the communities we serve and surrounding cities have lost their livelihoods. Additionally, with schools closed and children home, people are having to add more to their food budgets to make up for the meals children would usually receive in school.

We have seen the hardships people are facing here and all over the world as their financial stability has dried up overnight. Most people in the communities we serve do not have a financial reserve- the loss of their weekly paycheck is catastrophic. With that in mind, we have made the commitment to keep all of our indigenous/Panamanian staff throughout this period and adjust their positions to include responsibilities that can be fulfilled with our changed operations structure.

We can’t do this without your support.

Typically, our volunteer contributions pay the majority of our Panamanian payroll (along with clinical expenses.) With the pause on our volunteer program for the foreseeable future, this funding has all but vanished. Your gift is necessary at this time to make sure Benilda has the ability to feed her children. To ensure Rafa has the fuel to make a supply run to town for her community members. So that Luzbia can purchase the flour she uses for her side business baking bread.

Your support directly helps our Panamanian staff- our Floating Doctors family- keep some level of security during this very difficult and uncertain time.

A Note on Safety: Floating Doctors takes safety very seriously. We have implemented many strategies to help ensure the health of all our crew members and the communities we serve. The location of our base is relatively isolated, giving us the advantage of being able to continue our work. Nearly all of our crew members live in the immediately neighboring community of Valle Escondido. Still, all crew members must have a health check each day prior to entering the communal area. Appropriate PPE is worn for certain tasks, and anyone returning from town or one of our communities must shower before rejoining the crew.