In the End We are all Just Wild Things

The Floating Doctors have been in Panama now for nearly nine months and during that time period we have been asked to help in a lot of different situations: sick babies, communities in need of medical attention, patient transports, even the removal of bot flies on a remote finca or two but last week left […]

Sometimes Words are Hard to Find

It has been two months since I have been able to put words to page although this is not for lack of content or consideration but rather the inability to put thoughts into meaning.   In that time period we have left Haiti, seen old friends in Jamaica, and crossed the remainder of the Caribbean Sea […]


“Set good little perfect things around you, you Higher Men! Things whose golden ripeness heals the heart. Perfect things teach hope.”- Nietzsche Yesterday was a good day. This day was spent sitting tucked away, un-showered and in dirty clothes from a lack of water on the boat, in the managers’ apartments of the Royal Caribbean […]

Return to Haiti

The night was moonless and the oceans were violent—that last stretch of ocean fighting our arrival not wanting to give up the shores of this place that holds so much of my love and fears.  I slept a restless, perturbed sleep.  This was day 35 for us, for my heart to wait, for the boat […]

Transit Blog–Part 1 Mar.11

The road I think that I will journey down is rarely mirrored by reality. This “crossing turned journey” brought me to the brink of what I believe I can handle and cemented my understanding that control is merely a delusion. I could write about a million pages about the twenty-one days since we left Roatan, […]

One day the Siren’s will let me go

Some times I want to plunge into the total bliss that can be melancholy- to let it wrap itself around my ankles, make endless circles of my mind, and then nestle softly deep in my heart.  To let the ghosts of past lives, past loves, past joys take hold and deliver me to the beauty […]