Accelerating the Fight Against Malaria

It’s World Malaria Day. The World Health Organization selected the theme “Accelerating the fight against malaria for a more equitable world” and this theme is right on point for our communities. While the risk of transmission of the disease is low overall in Panama, it is most prevalent is in the Comarcas, which are mostly […]

Dr. George’s Observations 4

Reflections on being with Floating Doctors in Haiti The efficiency with which the Floating Doctors delivers care is astonishing. They arrived in a small town which had no significant docking facilities and no airport for relief flights. On board the 76 foot Southern Wind they carried several thousand pounds of construction material, several thousand pounds of medical supplies, […]

Dr.George’s Observations 3

That first day in Petit Goave, Haiti, was relatively cool, though compared to Southern California it FELT quite hot because of the high humidity. Someone from St. Louis or New Orleans would have found it to be a remarkably comfortable summer day. After finishing the clinic work and touring the tent city which had grown […]

Dr. George’s Observations 2

We arrived at the Des Granges Clinic just after lunch. Ben had only a few more patients remaining. Sky was there. I was so happy to see them both looking so well after all our months of separation. All the volunteers looked extremely healthy and full of enthusiasm for the mission. I met Noah, whom […]

Dr. George’s Observations 1

May 23, 20100 I lived in a rough neighborhood on the near west side of Chicago in the 1960’s. I worked in Watts in Los Angeles for several years in the mid-1970’s. I have traveled over remote roads in Northern Cambodia, through the alleys of Calcutta, and I have walked all over Johannesburg, South Africa, […]

Petit-Goave, Haiti

April 27, 2010.  Petit-Goave, Haiti. At long last, phase one of our project is complete!  We have completely rebuilt our ship, found and loaded all our medical supplies, sailed our vessel over 800 miles from Florida and arrived safely in Petit-Goave, on the northern coast of Haiti’s southern peninsula. Our last port-of-call in the US […]