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What We Believe
A ripple on one beach becomes a grand wave on a distant shore.

Just $11?

To many people, eleven dollars is just a month of streaming video. Did you know it’s also be a month of HIV medication for one of our patients AND their travel for monthly blood work?
It may not seem like much, but in Panama, Floating Doctors can make give dollars go a long way. After all, we started our program with just eleven dollars in our pocket!
When you join Ripples of Hope, you’re creating a reliable, sustained difference in the lives of our patients. When we combine the power of each monthly donation, there’s no limit to what Ripples of Hope members can enable us to achieve!

Ripples of Hope

What is Ripples of Hope?

Ripples of Hope is a community of Floating Doctors volunteers past and present as well as global health champions from around the world who provide recurring donations that help Floating Doctors advance its critical mission. Just as a ripple on one beach can become a grand wave on a distant shore, members of our Ripples of Hope community create lasting change across the world with their monthly support.

Ripples of Hope
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