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Your gift provides sustainable healthcare & nutritional support for remote, underserved indigenous populations.

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Right now, our patients are navigating the global pandemic while continuing to face extreme poverty and lack of resources and services. Your donation will provide relief by providing ongoing healthcare and education, as well as food support throughout the region.

-Your $50 gift delivers soap and sanitizer to 3 communities
-Your $100 gift feeds a family of 5 for a month
-Your $250 gift cares for 30 patients with diabetes
-Your $500 gift provides 15 women with a year of family planning

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Every donation lets us know that someone somewhere is thinking of others and extending compassion to people they may never meet, and making the world a kinder, healthier place.

With your support, mothers will receive pre- and postnatal care, children will receive regular well checks, monitoring, and intervention. Community causes of illness, like lack of access to clean water, will be addressed. Your gift creates generational progress through healthier people and communities.

Ripples of Hope
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