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It's Been a Year Since the Pandemic Shut Down our Clinics...

We are eternally grateful that we were given special allowance by the government and your support to provide nutritional aid and care for our chronic patients. Of course, as is always the case in emergency relief, we were constantly left with the aching knowledge that for every known diabetic patient we ensured had no gap in medication, there was a child with an acute case of scabies or a woman with suspected tuberculosis or other patient going untreated because the pandemic left us without access and sufficient resources. For every pregnant woman who received prenatal vitamins and a brief check-in to confirm all was progressing smoothly, there were dozens of other women suffering from a UTI or uterine prolapse or kidney stones left to endure as best they could. As happy as we were to continue so much of our work, we worried that when we were able to resume our regular patient visits, there would be a staggering number of patients suffering from easily treatable but highly communicable diseases…and a year without dental check-ups and poor oral hygiene would yield children with painful toothaches and oral thrush.

While our continued presence in the form of nutrition supplementation, chronic patient monitoring, and vitamin/health aid drop-offs certainly helped spare many individuals and communities from catastrophe, the fact remains that most of our beloved patients have gone a full year without healthcare. The pandemic has taken its toll: parasites, lung and bladder infections, STI’s, scabies, and fungal infections run rampant in communities already suffering from severe poverty with poor or no infrastructure. Other more universal issues arose, too—some patients suffered the onset of Age-Related Diseases such as severe arthritis, and have gone months without help for their symptoms while still working their small farms every single day to avoid starving.

Ripples of Hope

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The challenges ahead are daunting—in some ways we feel as though we are reintroducing ourselves to our communities—but ongoing, quality, consistent acute, chronic, and preventive healthcare is something we believe people MUST have the right to access. YOU help us continue to make this a reality with your gift to our pharmacy fund!

When you donate to our pharmacy campaign, you can be sure your gift will help many!

-Your $35 gift provides an entire community with deworming medication (yes, really!)
-Your donation of $70 provide pain management techniques and medication to 12 individuals suffering from arthritis
-Your support of $100 ensures 3 months of family planning services for 10 women
-When you give $250, you provide care and medication for 30 patients with diabetes for an entire year

Ripples of Hope
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