We’re Not Washing Our Hands…

…of our mission, that is! Rest assured, we’re washing hands, surfaces, and just about everything else. 😉 With the need to put a hold on all volunteers at least through April, our operations are scaled back dramatically, but we are still committed to ensuring quality care for the people in our region and all over […]

A Look Back on a Decade

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.  It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” –Charles Darwin This year marks 10 years of Floating Doctors operations.  In 2010 after the earthquake in Haiti, a rag-tag band of us (aboard a boat we had […]


Earlier this month, you were teased with a picture of Jonathan, a very sweet boy who we had the pleasure of interviewing.  Let me tell you about him and his family. We first met Jonathan in 2011.  He was bright-eyed and incredibly extroverted.  Like many his age, he demanded we give him our attention, play […]

Our Final Clinic of 2019…

Our Final Clinic of 2019… by Gaurav Sikka, Floating Doctors Lead Medical Provider Floating Doctors’ final clinic of 2019 was a multi-day at Ensenada, a community on the shores of the eastern side of Bahia Azul. Access to healthcare for this population is particularly difficult because, although located on the mainland, it is only really […]


by Jill Patel Jill Patel joined us as initially as a global health student in the summer of 2018, and has been working on a research project focused on mental health within the Ngäbe-Buglé population. She will continue to work on Phase I of the project both in Panama and in the US through the […]

Our Dental Program Grows…

By Dr. Kevin Lan, Dental Director “You can never cross the ocean unless you lose sight of the shore.” Now more than ever, we face a rising epidemic of dental caries in the teeth of children from the indigenous Ngäbe communities we serve.  The combination of their inability to afford basic oral health products such […]

A Letter from our Founder, Looking Back on 2018

As the last days of the year draw to an end, I’ve been handed an impossible task. It is traditional for NGO founders to write a post at the end of the year to summarize the work of the past year and to share with everyone the vision for the year ahead. When I sat […]

Then and Now

by long-time volunteer Dr. Anna Bazinet At 9 years old, Mariana was confident, outgoing and so excited to see all the equipment we were unpacking that morning for the day’s medical clinic. She eagerly watched us set up the small pharmacy with medications, a scale, and a few blood pressure cuffs. She was wearing a […]

Floating Doctors, Veterinary Public Health and the One Health Model

by Veterinary Lead Dr. Thomas Easley Veterinary Public Health (VPH) is an essential component of public health and incorporates various types of cooperation between the many relevant disciplines involved in the interaction between people, animals and the environment they share. VPH programs should not be viewed as operating in isolation, but as making an important […]