“Grandad, were you a hero in the war?”

“No…but I served in a company of heroes.”

No one who has not served in a Floating Doctors leadership role can truly appreciate the challenge of operating and growing a health care and community development service in such resource-limited regions. Floating Doctors crew come from all over the world and all walks of life, united by their common desire to live a life of service and undeterred by the sacrifices this requires of us.

Heroism comes from giving of ourselves not when it is easy, but when it is hard. It means helping not just when the weather is calm and resources are near at hand, but when storms hit and help is far away. It means not giving up when barriers seem completely insurmountable, but instead interpreting them as challenges to overcome on behalf of a patient in need.  Sometimes it means participating in a dramatic rescue…but most of the time being a real hero is done in small unsung ways, such as giving kindness even when you are tired, and giving the last patient of the day the same care and attention you gave the first.

In today’s day and age, it would be easy to be cynical. But time and again we are inspired and awed by the victories for humanity won by our young volunteers and staff on behalf of our patients. In the face of what our staff routinely endure and accomplish for the people we serve, we are continually humbled and given renewed faith in humankind and the future. Although the world will surely hold many difficult days ahead, we know that there are many people in the world who will not refuse the burden of addressing these issues and keep service to others an integral part of their lives.  After all, we have worked with many of them.

Here’s who we have on our crew right now:

[A pic and very short bio of all current crew members, about a dozen of them…similar to what we have on our crew page already]

And here is our gallery of our past veterans, many of whom not only came and “did the work,’”but who left a legacy behind in the form of a development project that increased our capacity and continued to help people after their service was completed.  Much of Floating Doctors was built by crew members who identified a need and took responsibility to develop and implement a solution.

[A pic and very short bio of past crew members, essentially current crew member bio will get moved here when their service finishes]