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Doctors, nurses, PAs, NPs, dentists, optometrists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, veterinarians, builders, medical students, public health researchers, educators, engineers, and anyone with a pair of willing hands and the desire to help out in this world are welcome to participate in our project.

Everyone has some special talent or characteristic that can be used in the service of others. We pride ourselves on maximizing the experience of our volunteers to express their particular talents in a way that brings the most help to our patients.

It is impossible to know exactly what cases we will see, or what situations we will encounter. All we know is that it will be an adventure of the heart—at some point during your time, there will be a moment where your presence may mean a tremendous difference in another person’s life.

Here is a link to video about a volunteer surgeon from Austria, who–while vacationing in Panama and hearing about us–decided to join us on one of our mobile clinics to a remote indigenous village. Click here to see what a single day with Floating Doctors had in store for him:


Click below to download our Volunteer Pack, with information
about working with us at our current location:

Please read the volunteer pack COMPLETELY to make sure you are eligible BEFORE you apply!!





**We appreciate your patience while we develop our new website, which will offer much more detail and photo content about the volunteer experience.

When you have decided to volunteer with us, please click on the appropriate button for your volunteer category to start your online application. MAKE SURE you check the documentation requirements listed under the buttons below, as you will need to upload several documents AND THEY MUST BE NAMED CORRECTLY:

  • Naming format for uploaded documents is: Lastname_Firstname_Document
  • Example: Resume for John Smith should be named “Smith_John_Resume”

Because our goal is not only providing health services locally, but also to affect health systems in the home countries of our volunteers through tropical and clinical exposure and mentoring, our volunteer selection process is very open compared to most volunteer organizations.  We accept volunteers at many skill levels from bilingual veteran mission doctors to non-spanish speaking students interested in an immersion experience. We normally have capacity throughout the year to accept people when they would like to come, although we strongly urge you to submit your application several months in advance, especially during our high season (May-July).

There is a $100 application fee that is required for us to process your application and confirm your volunteer stay. Please submit payment at the time of application submission. The volunteer payment button is located near the upper right of this page.

We very rarely turn down volunteer applicants; our application process is not a competitive process and is meant to coordinate applicants so we have the right distribution of specialties, training ability, and language ability on our team at a given time, so your $100 application fee is not at high risk of being forfeited. The fees of those not accepted at this time or who drop out during the application process will go to support the fuel costs for our mobile clinic deployments to remote communities; however if your application is not accepted initially but you come at a later date, your original application fee will be discounted from your participation donation at that time–you will not need to pay an application fee twice.

As an organization that provides an extraordinary volunteer experience and health care and community development for tens of thousands of patients, the volunteer contribution is the backbone of our operational support–we prefer that non-volunteer donations go towards building infrastructure and capacity, and we pride ourselves on managing almost all our operational costs through our volunteer program. Our leadership work very hard to provide a safe and rewarding experience for our volunteers and high-quality health services for our patients. Our Volunteer contribution fees are quite low compared to locally available hotel and food charges; your contribution covers your accommodations, excellent meals, and all costs associated with our teams deploying to the field (medications, supplies, fuel, boat captains, etc). As Dr. George LaBrot always says, ‘It’s the most affordable way I know to have a life-changing experience.’

  • $600 for one week of stay +$100 application fee ($700 total)
  • $550 per week for two weeks of stay +$100 application fee ($1,200 total)
  • $500 per week for three weeks of stay +$100 application fee ($1,600 total)
  • $450 per week if volunteering for one month or longer +$100 application fee ($1,900 for 4 weeks; $450 each additional week)

Please note that this is not required to complete your online application; only the $100 application fee  is required at this time.




Our Communal Building And Dormitory

Dinner at our base

Dinner at our base

Bathing in mountain river after clinic

Bathing in mountain river after clinic


FD-click-here-v1Licensed Health Care Provider

Doctors, Nurses, PAs, NPs, Dentists, Veterinarians, Ophthalmologists, Paramedics, Physio/Occupational Therapists

Documentation Requirements:

  • 1 COLOR copy of your passport photo page
  • 1 COLOR copy of your healthcare license *NOTE: Your license MUST be valid throughout the dates you will be volunteering with us.
  • 1 copy of your resume
  • 1 COLOR copy of your diploma
  • 1 letter of recommendation


FD-click-here-v1Health Care Student

Medical, Nursing, Dental, Public Health, or other Health Care Student

Documentation Requirements:

  • 1 COLOR copy of your passport photo page
  • 1 copy of your resume
  • 1 COLOR copy of your school identification
  • 1 letter of intent outlining what you feel you would give to a program such as ours as well as what you hope to take away from the experience
  • 2 letters of recommendation


FD-click-here-v1Non-Medical Volunteer

Non-health Care Students, Engineers, Teachers, Boat Crew, and all other volunteers

Documentation Requirements:

  • 1 COLOR copy of your passport photo page
  • 1 copy of your resume
  • 1 letter of intent outlining what you feel you would give to a program such as ours as well as what you feel you would take away from the experience
  • 3 letters of recommendation


*** Please note that submission of paper work for approval by the Panamanian Ministry of Health may take up to 60 days. If possible, please send all documents no later than 2 months prior to your arrival in Panama. Please contact us at volunteerinfo@floatingdoctors.com if you are a licensed health care provider and would like to join the team in less than 60 days.


We look forward to working with you soon!



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