Chris assisting Dr. Dan

A different kind of surgery

As if partaking in a 4 day jungle clinic, searching the jungle for a girl …

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A life changing 10 days spent with the Floating Doctors

I distinctly remember the morning of my first mobile clinic with the Floating Doctors.  Only knowing …

December 10, 2013  /  1 Comment ››

Floating Doctors Welcomes Dr. Dan Evers Aboard!

At last, a veterinarian has come to stay!  Dr. Dan is a wonderful addition to …

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Tessa making friends with a young Playa Verde boy

“The Long Run” by Tessa & Dennis Linderman

Early September mornings found us running through the streets of Bocas, trying to get a …

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Dream Hopping: A Recount of How One Man’s Vision Changed My Life Forever –Blog by volunteer Graham Lichtman

It had been roughly 48 months since I first began working with Floating Doctors and …

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