1. Jessica says:

    Hello dear floating doctors,

    i would like to donate some money, so that i can help you a bit keeping up the great work you`re doing.
    I`m a student and coming from Germany. I don`t have visa or something like that, just a normal bank account.
    That`s why i couldn`t donate on your Homepage and the reason i am writing to you.
    Could you give me your Donating bankdetails, so i can do it by myself?

    Lot`s of greetings,


  2. Maggie vd klaauw says:

    Top what you do …

  3. Toon says:

    Saw you guys On dutch tv keep up THE Good work

  4. O Mutsaerts says:

    I want to donate something in Euros Saw floating Doctors on T V with Floortje Dessing visiting a project. Impressing!!!

  5. Sven says:


    just watched Flora at the end of the world (Dutch tv). Love the work, passion and devotion.

    Good luck!

    Sven (and the family)

  6. Hans van der Vegt says:

    We (my wife and I) just saw the Floortje Dessing broadcast about her stay with you. We are impressed by the work you all do. Especially the motto that it doesn’t pay as much as a doctor in the US, but I sleep well at night says it all. Good luck and thank you and Floortje for bringing us your story.

  7. Mark says:

    Dear Ben,

    Thanks for your greatfull work helping people in Panama and other Amercian countries keeping them healthy and having a long and happy live.

    Kind regards,
    The Netherlands

  8. Matthijs de Jong says:

    I saw your work in the documentary of Floortje Dessing and had to donate to let you do your wonderfull work. You people are amazing.

    Matthijs from the Netherlands

  9. Seeing the tv program of Floortje Dessing, visiting Dr Ben LaBrot and his volunteers, made me and my wife become donors of Floating Doctors. The work Ben and his volunteers do is so special. I want to thank you all and wish you lots of strength and succes.

  10. Joop van der Leeuw says:

    I saw a tv program on Dutch tv with Floortje Dessing and was moved and very impressed with your work

  11. charlotte says:

    I saw your organization on Floortje naar het einde van de wereld an i would love to donate but like many duchies(people from the Netherlands) i don’t have a creditcard..

  12. Rianne Plitscher says:

    Last week i saw on Dutch television the programm of Flora Dessing, she had visit Panama and your foundation. I was very impressed and i want to give a donation. I wish you all the succes and when i’m in the position to spend again, i will do. Your work is so good. I’m so glad that there are people such as you and all the people who work with you. Good luck for you all.
    With kind regards,

  13. Ronald says:

    I admire the work of your organisation!

  14. Arnold Taanman says:

    We saw your good work on dutch TV, program made bij Floortje / Flora.
    Very impressive, great job, dedicated to deliver health service for people who really need it.
    Keep it up!

  15. Marissa says:

    Glad you guys are still doing so much great work! I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the brief time I spent with you. Good luck and happy new year!

  16. Thanks to the Floortje Dessing TV broakcast during a trip with floating doctors, we thought during a birthday in stead of collecting presents, collecting money for the floating doctors. Keep up the good work!!!

  17. PHILIPA says:

    Hi, it is very special that you think about people who live in places where are no doctors. I hope you save many more lives. My brother and I just saw the tv programme about you with Flora (Dutch) and we wanted to donate you some of our saved money. So we did.

    Philipa, 11 years, Haarlem, Holland

  18. Martha Siping (Chaminade) says:

    Dear Floating Doctors,

    Hello, my name is Armen Ajemian. I am a seventh grade student at Chaminade Middle School in Chatsworth, California. At Chaminade, we have many clubs like NJHS. This club stands for National Junior Honor Society. Our club helps raise money for our school and help others. This is one of the groups that I am a part of. Recently, we held a bake sale to collect money to give to your charity. My group is consisted of me, John Van Der Wel, Sam Abunnasar, and Jeter Web. We chose your charity because we all love what you do to help people all around the world. We had our bake sale and we raised $88.50 dollars. We hope this money will help you help more and care for others. Thank you very much for your support and kindness.

    SheHulksReborn Group

  19. Keep up the great work!

  20. Michele LaBrot says:

    I was searching family members with the last name of LaBrot and your website came up. I am granddaughter to Raymond and Ruth LaBrot of MO and daughter of James and Virginia LaBrot of Tampa, FL. How do you guys fit into the family? Nice to read about all of you and Floating Doctors.

  21. Romana Pichel says:

    Doctor came gave a talk about Floating Doctors at our Church (Palisades Lutheran Church) and the work you are doing is very commendable.

  22. Lee Calvert (Optimist Club) says:

    The request at the Optimist Club from George Labrot was touching and heartfelt. I hope other Optimists feel as I do.

  23. Barbara Wyler says:

    Very beautiful and inspiring letter posted on Next-door Topanga

  24. Linda Levine says:

    I was touched by the note that appeared on the Nextdoor site. Have heard about this from my physician Dr. George LaBrot.

  25. Raymond Chang MD says:

    Hello there,

    I have supported you before via Global Giving, and would like to send you 10k but need to know if you are a registered 503(c)1 non-profit in the US so
    that my foundation can legitimately make a donation to you again. Just let me know.

    Thanks !

  26. Ashlea-Ann Thornton says:

    Thanks for a wonderful time in Panama! This is for my T-shirt (that I how Kira) and a little extra for donation this this holiday season. Thank youeall for an amazing expierence

  27. Bryan Nixon says:

    I was there for a few weeks this past summer and even though I stayed separately in Bastimentos with the Red Frog Beach Foundation, I was able to go on trips to Ensenada, Solarte, and the Asilo. I really enjoyed my time there and they were some of the most humbling, meaningful experiences I’ve ever had! I loved meeting everyone and working with all of the volunteers (and send my regards to Kellie Hall and Kinman if they’re still there!)
    I had some leftover funds from my travel budget from that trip so I wanted to donate that. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone there, and I hope I will be able to come back and volunteer in the future again!

  28. Joy Silverstein says:

    our granddaughter, Erin Jennings , told us all about the wonderfull work you do

  29. Joy Silverstein says:

    Our granddaughter , Erin Jennings told us all about the wonderful work you do

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