Well baby checks are one of our favorite consults

Health Care is sent abroad…but what comes back: Compassion

By Katherine LeTendresse, Student at Global Medicine Program, USC  Floating Doctors Volunteer From the first …

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“Yes, we can take that tooth out for you.”

By Dr. Kevin Lan Lead Dental Provider Floating Doctors   A new year upon us, …

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A Long Way from Help

Rio Caña is about 70 miles by boat from the nearest small community hospital, and VERY hard to get to–it requires a lot of planning and the willingness to endure pretty bad weather and rough seas to get there. It is about 6 hours in a huge dugout canoe, at the end of which there is a treacherous river entrance blocked by a sandbar with big surf. I know longboard surfing is widely popular, but until you have surfed a 50′ hollowed out log down the face of turbulent waves to enter the Rio Caña, you have not truly longboarded.

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Yolando is ready for his first ever dental check up!

Floating Doctors Goes Dental!

In the early months of 2015, Floating Doctors added another paddle to its ever-expanding Cayuco …

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For Want of a Nail…

Coming home from the jungle and the mangroves at the end of the year is …

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